Conditional Investment Sectors and Investment Conditions in Vietnam

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When setting up a trading company in Vietnam, beside other conditions, the foreign investors have to prove experience in the trading area.  Areas such as banking, financial services, real estate, security services will require a minimum investment.   Foreign investment lawyers should be consulted for advice on investment licensing matters.

In general, foreign investors making the investment in Vietnam are encouraged.  However, there are areas although not prohibited, but are “conditional” areas including the project could affect national defence, security, social order and safety; finance and banking; a field that affects public health; culture, information, press, publishing; entertainment services; the real estate business; prospecting, exploring and exploiting of natural resources, ecological projects and the environment; education and training, and professional services i.e. legal, accounting, tax…

The conditions required by Vietnam laws on investment toward the foreign investors are business requirements that the investor must meet after the incorporation of the company, not as a condition for receiving the investment license. However, in the case of a foreign investor applies for an investment license for a new project, the law requires that all business conditions must be satisfied before the grant of the investment license.

Conditions that the foreign investors have to meet when investing in conditional business could be related to the forms of the investment, the nationality of foreign investors, the professional expertise of the investor, the scale of investment projects, type of goods and services, timely implementation of investment projects

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