Where Foreign Investors Obtain Investment License in Vietnam?

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To set up a business in Vietnam through foreign direct investment, foreign investors need to register the investment license from Vietnam Ministry of Planning and Investment (MPI).

Depending on investment business lines, investment conditions, scale of the projects, where investment project is located, other Vietnam State authorities would be involved.  MPI in Vietnam takes charge of developing legislation, guiding, consulting and coordinating with other State authority in regard to all investment in Vietnam.  Foreign investors apply for investment license at MPI which is acting as the contact point.  People’s Committee will be the government body that administer investment activities within its city or province and issue the investment license to the foreign investor.

In case the foreign investor setting-up  a business within an industrial zone, the management board of an industrial zone will have authority over the investment licensing process. For investment project which is larger than VND 300 billion (around USD 14.2 million) or in conditional investment area, MPI and other ministries will be involved in the evaluation process to recommend to the Prime Minister for approval.  Other ministries involved in investment project licensing would be Ministry of Trade and Commerce and Minsitry of Finance for setting up a trading company in Vietnam; Ministry of Science and Technology for investment in high-tech projects in Vietnam; Ministry of Education and Training for setting up education institute; Ministry of Health for investment in hospital in Vietnam, etc to ensure they are complying with the specific industry’s regulations.

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